CHAMP (Children's Health and Might Program) Foundation

It is a complex programme for: healthy nutrition, higiene, mental health, prevention from deteriorative addiction.

Throughout the 12 summers since 1999, we have organised 17 youth camps with the participation of several hundreds of children and youngsters.

Target group: 6-14 years of age

Professional background: National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science

Our projects:

Health stand:

Festivals (CSIPERÓ, Adolescent Festival), and other events in connection with health.

Measurement of blood pressure, nutrition advisory, test of health consciousness etc.

MOZAIK’ Programme:

Communities of Youth on the Move Foster home: small groups, workshops, discussions about healthy life.

GYEP’ Club: Regular meeting of volunteers throughout the year. Preparation for programmes.

‘GYEP’ Camp:

Design and Health Mode

Our mission: working together for a menthally and phisically healthier life of children with the help of dissemination of its advantages emphasising the importance of avoiding addiction.